Dec 20, 2015

BSE Odisha: How to Make Online Registration of Teachers of all Secondary Schools (Comp. Process)

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Board of Secondary Education, Odisha announced that the Online registration of teachers of all recognized secondary schools will be done ONLINE from 21/12/2015 to 30/12/2015 midnight.

1. The authority to log in will be Head of the Institution.
2. User ID will be the school code.
3. Password will be the same password used earlier for filling up of application form for the Annual HSC Examination, 2016.
4. After Log In, you will be able to view “School Profile”.

1. There are all total 16 number of fields to be filled in.
2. Enter all information correctly.
3. The sanctioned strength and number of persons in position are to be filled up
4. After filling all fields, upload full signature of the Head of the Institution and

1. Registration of teachers should be done one by one.

2. For registration of Headmaster, additional field shall also be filled up that is the
stream (either Arts or PCM or CBZ).

3. Always use the calendar to enter the date.

4. Sl. No.-5 should be filled up correctly.
For Example : - Put the date of 1st Joining into the service : 01/02/2002 - Select the post in which appointed & joined into the service : TGT Arts

5. Similarly fill up the Sl. No.-6.
For Example : - I am appointed as TGT (PCM) at BJB High School, Khurda since 05/10/2013. Hence, I should select : 05/10/2013 TGT Science (PCM)

6. Keep in mind the followings while filling up the qualification details :-

[a] Division/ Results may be 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Simply ‘Pass’ “Awarded” should be written if the qualification is MPhil/ PhD/ DSc/ D.Lit

[b] If Sl. No.-9 is insufficient to submit your qualification details, Sl. No.-10 can be used to enter the additional qualifications

[c] Hindi/ Classical teacher having equivalent Bachelor or Master Degree are required to utilize field under Sl. No.-10.

7. Fill up other fields correctly and submit.

8. Similarly registration of all teachers shall be done one by one till all the teachers are registered.

9. Thereafter click on “Registered Teachers List” to view the said section.

1. In this section, some of the vital information of the registered teachers will be displayed.

2. Important point is that at right hand corner against each teacher, there are options given for View/ Modify/ Delete.

3. Data entered of each teacher can be viewed and edited.

4. After completion of edit of all teachers click on “Registration Completed” button at the top.

5. If you have not completed the registration a message will be shown for doing the registration of the teachers not done yet.

6. Again click on “Registration Completed” button. The print option will be displayed on the screen at the top right hand corner.

7. Click “Print” button and there after click to “Download & Print

8. It is to be noted that each teacher will be issued with a unique registration number which should be preserved for all times.

9. The registration number will be issued on a later date which can be known from the website or or from the office of the concerned District Education Officers. This will be made available during the month of March, 2016.

10. The print copy has to be signed by all teachers and countersigned by the concerned District Education Officer.

11. The countersigned copy of the registered teachers shall be submitted at the respective zonal offices of the Board along with deposit of registration fee on or before 04/01/2016.

12. Total amount of fee will be automatically printed on the said copy and the said amount has to be deposited in shape of cash.

13. The Head of the Institution will be solely responsible for registration of their teachers. Disciplinary action will be taken against the Head of the Institution in case registration could not be done in time or he/ she fail to submit the countersigned copy along with fee within the stipulated date.

In case of any difficulty the concerned zonal office be contacted in the following telephone numbers between 10.00 am 05.00 pm.

Central Zone – 0671-2415236
Central Office – 0671-2415302
Bhubaneswar Zone – 0674-2534474
Balasore Zone – 06782-263181
Berhampur Zone – 0680-2404308
Jeypore Zone – 06854-232023
Sambalpur Zone – 0663-2400402


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