Aug 24, 2015

To Pain Sathire A Jibana Jau Bitire Lyrics In Odia (.PDF) - Requested By Muktitosh

Hello Brothers & Sisters. As you know love is most powerful in the world. True love's power in incredible and unimaginable. Like Love Or PREMA, Odia Language & Its Beauty, Charming is incredible and unimaginable, Overall ODIA is best in the world. The real feel of love comes whenever you heard a soulful Odia Song. "To Pain Sathire, A Jibana Jau Bitire" is one of the most popular-cum-romantic soundtrack of all time. This song is from the Odia Film "Dharmara Heba Jay". Vocals by Ira Mohanty & Kumar Bapi.
To Pain Sathire A Jibana Jau Bitire Lyrics In Odia (.PDF) - Requested By Muktitosh

Muktitosh Mohapatra, a Plus Three (2nd, Act. Hons) Commerce Student, from Salipur College, Salipur requested us over SMS to publish this song's lyrics on OdiaPortal.IN. You can also request a lyrics via SMS. Follow the rules:

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Tate gai dele tu gita hei jau
tate kahi dele tu gapa hei jau x2

To pain sathire, a jibana jau bitire x2

Tu kahile, sanja asiba
tu kahile sakala haba
suruja uinba ratire
to pain sathire, a jibana jau bitire x2

Pakhe thai jane laguthila, paradesi pari ajana
aji lage mate, kehi jane achi, nija tharu besi apana
jadukara tu jadu kalu, hei gali tora bandini
tu na sasile, tate na dekhile, deha jali die chandini
to pain sathire, ghara kali mo chatire x2

tu kahile megha asiba
se meghare moti jhariba
indradhanu thiba ratire.....

ତୋ ପାଇଁ ସାଥିରେ, ଏ ଜୀବନ ଯାଉ ବିତିରେ  (x୨)

ତୁ କହିଲେ ସଞ୍ଜ ଆସିବ, ତୁ କହିଲେ ସକାଳ ହବ
ସୁରୁଜ ଉଇଁବ ରାତିରେ
ତୋ ପାଇଁ ସାଥିରେ, ଏ ଜୀବନ ଯାଉ ବିତିରେ, ଏ ଜୀବନ ଯାଉ ବିତିରେ

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