Jul 1, 2015

Tech News - FACEBOOK Completes 125Million Users In INDIA!

Tech News - FACEBOOK Completes 125Million Users In INDIA!
Worldwide -- The facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2015 with the United States as its biggest market.

Facebook -- Head of Products (Facebook Lite) Vijay Shankar told to PTI. - "In India, Facebook has 125 million average users (MAU), while the number of mobile MAUs stands at 114 million. On a daily basis, 59 million users in India are accessing Facebook and 53 million are accessing us from their mobile phones," 

Facebook Lite will feature all core functions of the standard app like news feed, messaging, photos, links and notifications among others but does not show videos on the news feed.

"In India, over 80 per cent of the users are on 2G network. We have worked on improving the apps performance even on spotty connections and across devices from entry-level devices to high-end ones," Shankar said.

Both Facebook Lite and the standard Facebook app will work on a single device at the same time.


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