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21 Interesting & Unknown Facts About Lord Jagannath Mahaprasad (Odia/PDF Available)

Jul 18, 2016 | Views
21 Interesting & Unknown Facts About Lord Jagannath Mahaprasad,pdf odia laxmi abadha nirmalya, ananda bazar bajar mahima

Jagannath Tastwa Nividya,
Nasti Sanspasta,
Dusanam Sakruta Vakshana
Matruna papevwo muchyate puman

While taking the mahaprasad one should chant this Hymn, the said hymn means May i commit no more sin in past, present, or future, By eating this mahaprasad offred to lord jagannath.. OdiaPortal.IN collects some interesting & unknown facts about Lord Shri Jagannath's Mahaprasad. Here is the list of 21 facts about "The Mahaprasad". You can download the list as .PDF.

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For complete list of Lord Jagannath's Mahaprasad in Odia Language, please download & print the PDF Below.

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