Aug 16, 2016

Download Khudurukuni (ଖୁଦୁରୁକୁଣୀ) - Bruhat Tapoi Osa Bahi Gita (Odia eBook, PDF)

ଖୁଦୁରୁକୁଣୀ / ବୃହତ ତଅପୋଇ ଓଷା Khudurukuni bahi gita, Khudurukuni osa book download, Khudurukuni puja bahi print free download pdf free odia letter Khudurukuni printing free book bahi gita song stanza, Khudurukuni (ଖୁଦୁରୁକୁଣୀ) - Bruhat Tapoi Osa Bahi Gita (eBook, PDF, 3MB)
"KHUDURUKUNI" or "TAPOI OSA" is one of the most famous festival of all time. This festival is observed by the -- unmarried girls of the coastal districts of Odisha On the Sundays of the month of -- Bhadrab (Aug-Sept) . During the festival Goddess Durga is propitiated Khuda Bhaja (Left out particles of rice that are fried), etc. However, the principal -- food-offering is Khuda which is said to be the favorite of the Goddess. Therefore, the festival is named as -- "Khudarankuni" or popularly 'Khudurkuni' which means one who is very -- eager for khuda.

ଖୁଦୁରୁକୁଣୀ / ବୃହତ ତଅପୋଇ ଓଷା

If you dont have a book for this sacred festival, then you can download and print our "Khudurukuni" - Bruhat Tapoi Osa Bahi Gita" for free. This eBook is only -- 3MB in size, easy to print and save on your PC or Mobile. 


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