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List of Famous Picnic Spots, Tourist Sights and Attraction of Bhubaneswar City

Jan 6, 2016 | Views
Here is a list of some famous sights and attraction of Bhubaneswar City. If you are going to arrange a picnic party this weekend, then these places are surely perfect for your Visit menu. Enzoy.
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64 Yogini (Chausathi Jogini)

On the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, 15 km south-east of the city, is a small, circular temple, the Yogini Temple, dating to the early ninth century. It is hypaethral (open to the sky), and belongs to a genre of architecture completely apart from the major Odishan school.

Mukteswar Temple
10th Century monument dedicated to Lord Siva, referred as the gem of Odishan Architecture.

Ekamra Haat

Located in the heart of the city, Ekamra Haat is the perfect place where one can find the Odishan Handicrafts & Textiles. A wide range of items like terracotta, patta painting, horn toys, dhokra, stone sculpture etc. are sold directly by the artisans here.

Lingaraj Temple

11th Century monument-54 meters one of the most celebrated Saiva Centres of India. READ: Significance of Bada Osha.


The battle ground of Kalinga war during 3rd century BC which transformed Emperor Ashoka into Dharmashoka. Buddhist Peace Pagoda built in 1970s. Famous for Ashokan Rock Edict and the Dhabaleswar Temple.

Rajarani Temple

The Rajarani temple, dating back to the eleventh century monument- fomous for its decorative sculptures Angasikharas, i.e. Temple Composed of Temples. It is set in open paddy fields, and the entire structure exudes grace and elegance.

Brahmeswar Temple
A complex of temples with graceful sculptures on its walls reflecting the skills of Odia sculptors, it is a miniature of Lingaraj Temple. Unlike Lingaraj Temple, it is open for all including foreigners.

Khandagiri- Udayagiri
The twin hills also known as Kumaragiri and Kumarigiri, famous for a number of caves built for the Jain Ascetics around Ist-2nd century BC by the Emperor Kharvela Hatigumpha inscription containing 13 years of lithic record of his reign, a valuable source of lndian History.

Nicco Park
Built in 1998- one of the Amusement Parks in the city - with boating facility, rides and games- big hit among the young crowd and children - an ideal place for outing in the evenings and enjoying variety of entertainment.

Regional Plant Research Centre (Ekamra Kanan)
Spread over 500 acres of land, Asia’s largest Cacti Park breathtaking collection of Cacti, roses and other rare plants great attraction for plant lovers, naturalists and researchers alike.

Odisha State Museum
Odisha State Museum was established in 1932 and later moved to the current building in 1960. The museum is divided into eleven sections, viz, Archaeology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Armoury, Mining & Geology, Natural History, Art & Craft, Contemporary Art, Patta Painting, Anthropology and Palmleaf Manuscripts. The museum is headed by a Superintendent and the administrative control lies in the hands of Cultural Department, Government of Odisha.

Tribal Museum
Tribal museum in SCSTRTI (Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute) located at C.R.P.F. square, Bhubaneswar was originally conceived in 1987, but materialised on March 5, 2001. The indigenous tools, technologies, weapons, basketry, pottery, textiles, dresses, ornaments and rural objects are losing their meaning to the new generation. It exhibit dresses and ornaments, dhokra items, dances and musical instruments, hunting implements, fishing nets, weapons of offence and defence, personal belongings, arts and photographs.

Regional Science Centre (Science Park)
Built in late 80s collection of Science instruments and models Children can learn Science with funhas a games corner of children and a prehistoric theme park.

Indira Gandhi Park
Built in memory of Late lndira Gandhi in the 80’s. she had delivered her last public speech here- the greenery of the park provides the much needed respite from the hectic pace of city life- flowers, plant, mounds, fountains and the statue of lndira Gandhi are the main attractions.

Biju Patnaik Park
Biju Patnaik Park formerly called Forest Park is situated at Unit-I, Bhubaneswar. One can easily locate this Park in front of Capital Hospital, Unit-VI, Bhubaneswar. It is a wonderful expanse of green in the heart of the City. This Park has been developed by NALCO and is maintained by BMC. Senior citizens as well as people along with their children frequently visit this Park for morning walk and evening amusement. A life-size statue of Biju Patnaik is installed at the centre of the Park. Here entry is free to all.

Pathani Samant Planetarium

Built in 1990 the state of the Art Planetarium to Commemorate the contribution of famous Odia Astronomer and Mathematician Pathani Samant- Audio Visual Shows on Space Science is the main attraction.


Situated 18 kms from Bhubaneswar Started on 29-12-1960, spread over 472 Ha. A combination of a beautiful botanical garden and a Zoo is world famous for its White Tigers- Lion Safari, White Tiger Safari, Nocturnal Animal house, Reptile Park, Cable Car and a Sprawling lake with boating facility.

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