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Cause of Smartphone Battery Blast and How to Stop It? - Read in Odia

May 23, 2016 | Views
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Like other electronic devices, Smartphone have also demerits. Battery exploding is one of the most and biggest tension about Smartphones. If you not handled with care, these smartphones they can prove so dangerous. Here is how to prevent Smartphone Battery explosion. Check out tips and tricks in Odia language.

How to prevent Mobile or Smartphone battery explosion.

Quick Tips:
1. Don't use your phone while charging. Like calling, chatting, gaming etc. Don't answer calls or call out while charging your cell phone.
2. Don't leave your mobile phone in hot areas.
3. Avoid charging overnight.
4. Regularly check your battery, If battery seems to have swollen, replace battery as soon as possible.
5. Avoid using duplicate Chargers, cheap batteries. They can harm you phone and battery.
6. Always use manufacture's original Battery and chargers, adapters.
7. Don't receive international call from unknown numbers and don't install unknown third party applications.
8. Don't buy cheap smartphones with high configuration.

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