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Election 2017: Download High Quality Election Symbol (Sarapanch) For Designers & Press Media

Jan 16, 2017 | Views
Download High Quality Election Symbol (Sarapanch) For Designers & Press Media
Odisha Gram Panchayat Election 2017: The following are High Quality transparent .png renders of Election Symbols for "Sarapanch" candidates. If you are a designer such as Banner Designer, Pussing Card, Poster, Leaflet Designer, Print/Press/Digital Media then you can easily download following symbols for your work.  

NOTE: Following symbols are extracted from Official source (which were used in 2012 Election) and converted to High Quality for better design and printing, If the commission introduce some more designs or new symbols for this year Election, we will upload in HQ as soon as possible to our Portal. 

Download High Quality Transparent (.png) Symbols of Sarapanch Candidates 

Symbol Preview Symbol Name HQ PNG Download Link
Open Book (Khola Bahi) Download PNG
Fish Download PNG
Sun Download PNG
Umbrella (Khola Chata) Download PNG
Plough Download PNG
Ladder Download PNG
Banyan Tree Download PNG
Car Download PNG
Lantern Download PNG
Brinjal  Download PNG
Basket Download PNG
Candles  Download PNG
Ballon Download PNG
Camera Download PNG
Comb Download PNG
Enevelope  Download PNG
Cap Download PNG
Pressure Cooker Download PNG
Whistle Download PNG
Walking Stick (Bankuli Badi) Download PNG
Wool Download PNG
Bangles (Chudi) Download PNG

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